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The Par36 LED Bulb is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional halogen bulbs, as it only uses 6 watts of power. It is also available in 8 and 11 watt options for those who need a brighter output. With a 40 degree beam spread, this bulb provides a wide and even distribution of light. Upgrade to the Par36 LED Bulb for a longer-lasting and more eco-friendly lighting solution.


All 3 options have a light output color of 2700K and have a 40 degree light beamspread 

Dimmable and have an input voltage range of 10-15V 

6 watts of power (400 lumen)

8 watts of power (600 lumen)

11 watts of power (800 lumen)

Par36 LED Bulb

SKU: PT-PAR36-6FL-27
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