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Brass hanging light fixture with sling line and hardware ideal for trees, gazebos or other structures. The spread lens evenly displaces light, this light is the perfect choice when you need a softly lit environment.


Equipped with a 2.5W 2700K T3 LED 20,000 hr. Pro trade light 

Brass Hanging Light

  • Electrical Requirements
    A remote 12V transformer is required. Voltage range for 12V halogen lamps is 10.8V to 12V. Voltage range for 12V LED lamps is 10V-15V.


    Specification grade, beryllium copper lamp holder. GU5.3 base.


    Outdoor rated 

    Mounting Hardware

    Includes Sling Line hardware for trees

    1’ brass chain and brass mounting hook $15 extra

  • Materials

    Crafted from cast and machined brass.


    Crafted from brass. Unibody design provides enclosed water-proof wire way. High temperature, silicone o-ring provides a water-tight seal.


    Solid brass stamped shade with reflective white powder coat interior.


    Comes with complete set of optical designer lenses and hex louver.


     Series LED lamps are available included

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