The Comet-HG is a cast brass hanging fixture with 1 foot of chain and a new lock and load shroud. It is ideal for trees, gazebos or other structures. The Comet-HG is the perfect choice when you need a softly lit environment.


Equipped with a 20 watt MR-16, 5,000 hr. Halogen lamp, 25' of Intelli-Flex wire and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, this simple design is sure to satisfy even the toughest critic.


  • Electrical Requirements
    A remote 12V transformer is required and may be ordered separately from Unique Lighting Systems®. Voltage range for 12V halogen lamps is 10.8V to 12V. Voltage range for 12V FLEX GOLD™ Series LED lamps is 10V-15V.

    Lamp Connection

    Specification grade, beryllium copper lamp holder. GU5.3 base.


    Exclusive UF Intelli-Flex wire with anti-moisture migration connections.

    Mounting Hardware

    1’ brass chain, brass mounting hook.

  • Body

    Precision machined from solid brass casting. Body design provides enclosed, water resistant wire way to protect wires.


    High-temperature silicone o-ring for a water-tight seal.


    Machined brass.


    Precision machined brass. Accepts up to one additional lens/hex cell accessory.


    CComes with a complete set of optical designer lenses including spread lens, frosted, hex cell.


    For use with FLEX GOLD™ Series LED lamps available in 3W, 4W, 5W, 8W MR16. LED lamps are available in 2700K, 3000K and 5000K color temperatures. Halogen lamp up to a 35W MR16 lamp.